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​​ Manal Yaziji 

Manal yaziji, Born in Damascus city, Syria 1984
Manal graduated from the world wide known French university Esmod,  L'École Supérieure Des Arts et Techniques de la mode. She was acknowledged with a recipient award for Best Designer of the University in 2008.
Her artistic journey began as a child. Manal inherited her talent from her family with an  artistic background.
Originally, her journey  as an artist started after graduating. She began her journey as a fashion teacher at Esmod, teaching subjects like Introduction to the fashion world, Colors Understating, and Fashion Trend Analyzing. Meanwhile, she worked with high fashion house creating beautiful clothing, lingerie and designing high quality wedding and evening dresses.
Manal moved to United States in 2012. Moving to the United States broadened her opportunities. 
Her passion for all kind of art sparked an interest to be involved in jewelry designing as well. As a jewelry designer, she was involved in the unique world of jewelry design and manufacturing.  
Manal's innate passion for art has fueled her career.  Her dream and goal in life is not only to make a career of her art, but also to express and to share her inner most intimitate feelings and passion with the world through her art.
Throughout her journey, her experiences,  her emotions and feelings are expressed  through her paintings.  Using materials like brushes, acrylic, oil colors and different techniques to create new and unique one of a kind painting with each creation.
Her expression of  feelings and communication are from the inside out and are derived in her art.
Manal's sources of inspiration come from diverse subject matters commencing from nature and people. Her work is characterized by deep vibrate colors and illustration. Her passion in art are demonstrated with a highly development sense of color composition and with keen attention to detail.
Manal always states: "People see themselves using a mirror made with glass, I use art to see my soul."

Fine Art

As a fine artists I create an original works of art using a variety of methods such as painting, drawing, printmaking or media like computer graphics as well . I'm a creative person with original ideas, and I have talent in one or more artistic areas.
using my imagination and feeling with each line I make.

Fashion Design 

Poverty 2008

Fashion project talk about poverty around the world presented with a trendy fashionable fabric technique, using denim, tweed and wool .
the technique on denim was 60% hand work process and 40% machine wash.

Jewelry Design

Working with Gems and diamond is a great apportunity to see the magic of nature creation and adding a touch of human imagination by designing Ring or Pendant for it it's even more beautiful.